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…to the homepage for Adam Cluchey, Licensed Professional Counselor  and graduate of the Biblical Counseling program at Dallas Theological Seminary. On this site, you will find resources to read about counseling-related issues, learn about Adam’s counseling approach, and contact Adam.

Good news! Your brain already knows what to do!

Almost every troubling emotion or behavior comes from internal conflict. Using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR, Adam activates the brain’s built-in capacity to reprocess and resolve these conflicts. Once the mind achieves resolution, symptoms are no longer needed and a new level of personal freedom follows. By activating the brain’s capacity to self-correct, EMDR provides rapid and lasting resolution to almost every form of internal disturbance including, but not limited to: PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction, OCD, anger, fear, phobia, shame, compulsions, conflict resolution, underachievement, perfectionism, negative self-image, low self-esteem, social anxiety, and many many more.

You can be free!

Perhaps Adam can help you find the abundant life you seek? Use this website to find out!