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5628 SW Green Oaks Blvd Ste. B
Arlington, TX 76017

…to the homepage for Adam Cluchey, Licensed Professional Counselor. On this site, you will find resources to read about counseling-related issues, learn about Adam’s counseling approach, and contact Adam.

Adam uses a structured approach to help clients get to the bottom of their struggles. Rather than covering up problems with coping skills, this approach targets and resolves the inner conflicts that are the source of troubling emotions and behaviors.

Ever since Adam and Eve took a bite out of that apple (or whatever it was), humanity has been trying to judge between good and evil. Their main question: Which am I? Good or evil, good enough or not, desirable or not, worthy or unworthy?

Adam helps clients identify exactly which version or versions of this question they struggle with and, using EMDR, transition from old lies to new personal truths. Clients will exit counseling with a deeply felt sense of identity that produces self-confidence and peace not just for the mind , but most of all for the heart.

Perhaps Adam can help you find the abundant life you seek? Use this website to find out!