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Check out an eye-opening BBC article on sex addiction.

One of my specialities is in sexual issues, especially addictions. My past experience with addictions has given me a lot of pain, but also deep compassion for the addict who still suffers. As with all addictions, sexual addiction is basically rooted in how we view ourselves. Oftentimes we look for a supplement to our low self-appraisal, and this is where addictions begin.

Sex is a tough issue today. At the turn of the 20th century, Sigmund Freud began what many have called the “sexual revolution.” It was a revolution, I can’t argue with that, but not all revolutions are good. Freud grew up in the Victorian era where sex was taboo. A newly married woman would often be told by her mother to “just close your eyes and think of England” while being intimate with her husband. Freud reacted with the opposite extreme. Thanks to Freud, sex is now a casual part of everyday life – “It’s no big deal.” This is no better than the shame Freud replaced. It’s time for a revolution that walks the middle line. Sex is good like Freud said, and it is sacred. Sex is sacred, special, powerful and we all know it. We need more than Freud’s liberation…

Institute for Sexual Wholeness

Assuming that sex is a God-given gift to humanity, the Institute for Sexual Wholeness has been working for a sexual revolution of its own: within the Church. But we’re not talking Freudian free-for-all, we’re talking about sacred freedom and pleasure. Take a look.


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