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Connecting with others is one of the most important ways we care for ourselves. No matter how well-balanced or happy you may be, you will quickly falter without community support.

I have spent some large amount of time alone, and I have suffered for it. My struggles with depression and anxiety BECAME my community. Imagine (some of you don’t need to) what it would be like to be bombarded by hopelessness and negativity on a constant basis. How could anyone experiencing this find healing?

Though there are many answers to that question, getting “out of our own heads” is one of the most significant. It is also one of the most difficult for those that need it most…

For those of you struggling with the challenges of life be it grief, depression, anxiety, or even exhaustion, I encourage you (knowing full well how much effort it requires) to take your first step in connecting with community. Contrary to what you might think, community will energize and encourage your soul. And this applies to you (fellow) introverts out there as well; I am speaking from experience.

A word of caution: live a life of balance. I’m not saying you should go live in a commune, but I am saying that community can help you find balance in life. Don’t dive in head first here. Just take your next step. Call a friend, take someone out for coffee, join a church, see what happens…


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