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Sometimes we can get so focused on a task or situation that we lose ourselves. This is often the time we begin to falter, and looking back we assume that it was the situation that was the culprit. That frustrating conversation with my boss, that guy that was driving too slow, or that project for work was the reason things went south.

No it’s not.

In every circumstance we will always have one constant companion: ourselves. Don’t lose yours!

It may see silly to say, but this is often exactly what we need to hear in a time of “hyper-focusing” where one circumstance or task has begun to dominate our entire lives.

For those Christians in the audience, remember that God’s Will is your best possible life. So hyper focus on that; it’s the one thing we can’t overdo. For everything else: put it down, take a break, and come back to it with a fresh state of mind. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

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