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Black Lives Matter

To all of my clients, colleagues, friends and family: I officially support the Black Lives Matter movement. I am anti-racist and I believe the stories of discrimination I hear from my non-white friends.
White voices have power. I am asking my white friends to join me in reacting against racism in all of its forms. Ask your friend not to use that word, voice your disagreement when family speaks ill of any discriminated group, call yourself out when you notice your own prejudice. And, most of all, listen. Ask questions, listen, and encourage others to listen to the voices of discriminated people. Believe them.
All lives can’t matter until Black Lives Matter
Adam Cluchey, LPC

Emotion and Fear

Emotions only ever occur in the present moment. The difference between choosing to be present and choosing to feel is just a matter of vocabulary. …

Emotion and Fear


Currently waving copays for first responders and their families. You don’t have to do this alone. Offering EMDR via doxy.me.

Emotion and Fear

Emotions only ever occur in the present moment. The difference between choosing to be present and choosing to feel is just a matter of vocabulary. What is blocking you from being present to the moment? From feeling your feelings? Fear.

The awkwardness of stepping into emotion never seems to decrease or go away. Whether you consider yourself an emotionally mature person or not, it’s always risky to choose to feel. Fear is the great barrier between us and ourselves. Fear keeps us in our needless, wantless, expressionless, identity-less prisons.

The only thing fear is good for is for facing.

If we want to be free, we must actively refuse to submit to fear – while at the same time allowing ourselves to feel it – while at the same time facing it! It sucks, but then it sooooo doesn’t.
My we all today find the courage to feel.

I have the best clients in the world!

No seriously – they are awesome. You should meet them, because they’re the best.

Who Will You Be Today?

In the movie, The Matrix, Neo and his companions appear dressed in dark long coats and intimidating black-on-black outfits with sunglasses they wear indoors. They call this their “mental projection.” In other words, the Matrix creates an image that directly reflects the way individuals perceive themselves. And, for the hero, Neo, this changes!

I wonder if this could work in the real world? Want to be taken seriously? Start taking yourself seriously and see what happens!

The Power of Boredom

When we allow ourselves time away from entertainment, we discover our own creativity!

Give it a try!

Now offering EMDR services!

EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a counseling approach built around the brain’s built-in capacity for healing. By activating this system, the brain is able to resolve almost any internal conflict. If you are struggling with an undesirable emotion or behavior, odds are EMDR is right for you. Jump over to my website and schedule a session to find out!

The Knowledge of Good and Evil

That’s what it was called: The Knowledge of Good and Evil. Not the judgment of good and evil.

So then why are we spending so much time and energy judging? Was there another tree I don’t know about?

Adam and Eve started off judging themselves. So, over the next few days, try noticing the ways you judge yourself. Then ask yourself this question: "What if I’m wrong about me?"

Praying in the Spirit

Last night my pastor, Alan Smith, taught on the Spiritual discipline of speaking in tongues or, if you prefer, praying in the Spirit.

For those of you unfamiliar with this practice, it can seem pretty weird. Basically, it sounds like nonsense coming out the mouth of a grown up! But, while that may adequately explain the behavioral component of this practice, the inner experience is quite different.

I have a confession to make: I pray in tongues. (Are we still friends?)

On the few occasions I have done this, I felt quite silly at first. Then I started to notice a change in my heart.

Because I have a 3 ½ yr old daughter, I have the entire movie, “Frozen” memorized. For those other parents out there, you may be familiar with the scene where Elsa (you know, magical ice powers, low self-confidence, older sister – I can’t believe I’m broadcasting this embarrassingly infantile illustration to the world!) steps onto the beginning of a flight of stairs she created. If you remember, she doesn’t really know what’s going to happen. I can imagine her mind thinking “Will I fall? Will the stairs break?” Then, as soon as she takes her first step, the stairs become more solid as does her confidence as evidenced by a big grin on her face.

This is kind of what praying in the Spirit can be like to someone who has never or rarely done it before. “Am I about to do something silly?” “Will I regret this?” “Am I crazy?” Then you take the first step. For me, I opened my mouth, mentally confirmed my faith, and let sound come out! What a freeing experience!

I recall a passage from the letter to the Hebrews. “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” I think praying in the spirit, or speaking in tongues, is much less about a behavior and much more about the activity of the heart. I am becoming more and more convinced that, no matter what your behavior, it will be edifying (“Christianese” for positive or encouraging and uplifting) if it is done in faith.

So, whether your stepping out in faith to try something new and foreign or past and forgotten, or just doing the dishes. Try living, eating, drinking, talking, sleeping, underwater basket weaving, and whatever else you may do as an expression of faith.

A favorite teacher of mine, Bob Hamp, has profoundly said, “Whatever you feed, grows.” Feed your faith by expressing it in the small things in life, such as seemingly random noises coming out of your mouth, and watch it grow!

As for me, I will be praying in the Spirit much more often. In fact, I’ve already started, and I’m already noticing my conscious contact with God growing along with all the fruits that come with that. Want to try it with me?

Let it go! (I couldn’t resist…ok I could have, but just didn’t)


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