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Adam is now offering Process Groups to a limited number of clients. These groups consist of between 8-10 people, and are meant to explore the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. Think of it as a laboratory for relationships. By interacting with each other, we learn more about ourselves and others and gain greater self-awareness.

Process Groups will last approximately 12 weeks, and are closed to new members. New groups will be starting on a regular basis, so contact Adam to express your interest!


I first met with Adam in August of 2016.  Adam has helped me totally remake myself and discover so

Male, age 48

Adam is very personable and really takes the time to get to know you and your goals. He constantly reminds

Female, age 24

What a difference Adam Cluchey has made in my life! When I started seeing him, I was

Female, age 58

Adam is someone I can confide in, when I have good news we get hopeful together, and when I don’t

Male, age 17

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