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Do I Need Counseling?


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Good question! Unfortunately no one can answer this question as well as you. What counseling does depends on you and your goals.

Many people come to counseling because they are having a specific problem in a relationship or activity of some kind. Some people walk into counseling knowing exactly what they are looking for, and others struggle with specifics even though they know that something is troubling them. All of these and more are ideal candidates for counseling.

Another candidate for counseling is the individual looking for personal growth or life enrichment. These are specially motivated people who don’t find any specific problem with life, but they long for more.

These various types of clients have one essential element in common: the means to achieve their goals. Many, if not most, clients enter counseling with a sense of hopelessness or powerlessness. If you are one of these people, then hear this: you can change!

If you would like to discuss further whether counseling is right for you, Adam will be happy to talk with you – and he’s a straight shooter. Use the contact information provided on the homepage or use the Ask A Question page to get in touch.

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Just scheduling my first appointment, I could hear how genuine and sincere Dr. Cluchey was about helping his patients. [disclaimer: Adam Cluchey, LPC is not a doctor]

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