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Symptoms do not exist in a vacuum. These are the brains adaptive responses to difficulty. If we want to be finished with symptoms, we must first address the difficulty beneath them.

To start, Adam works with clients to investigate the circumstances and the core belief attached to symptoms. Once the core belief is identified, it is traced back to its origin. This original trauma is then turned over to the brain using bilateral stimulation.

By raising awareness of automatic processes, we are providing the brain with the opportunity to deal with them. Once the brain has all the data, it is able to heal itself much like the body’s own immune system. When our brains begin to heal, our symptoms take care of themselves. When that happens, we find the freedom to live our lives!

Medication and Biological Conditions

Sometimes our problems are partially, or even completely, biological in nature. Diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes may be the source of (or the solution for!) client difficulties.

Medication is another important consideration. Some people find medication very helpful for a period of time after which point they can taper off and eventually live without it. Others may be lifelong dependents on medication to maintain a certain quality of life. Still others may require no medication at all.

Different people have different views on the proper role of medications. Some may say that the mind is off limits for such invasive measures, while others may hardly give it a second thought. This is an important issue to consider, as medication may present as an option for addressing certain concerns.

There is still much that is empirically unknown about the inner workings of the brain, and even less so about the mind. There may be some biological agents at work in an individual’s difficulties that must be addressed if that person is to achieve his or her goals. Whether through diet and exercise, medication, or even more invasive medical approaches, responding to the physical components of our difficulties is a necessary step toward healing.

I first met with Adam in August of 2016.  Adam has helped me totally remake myself and discover so

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Just scheduling my first appointment, I could hear how genuine and sincere Dr. Cluchey was about helping his patients. [disclaimer: Adam Cluchey, LPC is not a doctor]

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